Friday Roundup: The Best Recruiting Posts of the Week


We’re starting something new here at Jobs2Careers—end of week roundups of articles we’ve found all over the internet that we think you’ll find useful. We read about recruiting and talent acquisition every day and want to share best content you might have missed.

No time to catch up on your feed? Let us do the legwork for you!

From LinkedIn’s Talent Blog: How Netflix Reimagined the Recruiter-Hiring Manager RelationshipThree elements that make Netflix’s culture unique, with takeaways on how you can cultivate the same kind of relationships.

From ERE Recruiting Intelligence: The Latest on Kimberly-Clark’s Quest for ‘Original Thinkers’Kimberly-Clark is launching something called IdeaStorm. It’s a brainstorming tool—a method of problem solving and idea generation, based on the original-thinker styles unveiled last year.

From Generation Z Is Breaking Into the Job Market - But What Do They Want? (infographic). When it comes to the multigenerational workplace, millennials get all the attention – but that’s about to change.

From UndercoverRecruiter: Which Brands Have Championed Diversity and How? See which companies are doing diversity well, and how they’re making it part of their employer brand.

From SourceCon: Finding Female Engineers on LinkedInSpeaking of diversity, see how one female software engineer’s experience inspired the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer.

From Workology: Employees Don’t Like How You’re Talking to ThemAccording to a new study 45% of workers are unhappy with how senior management communicates important information to them. How can you improve your company’s internal messaging?

From TLNT: How to Mentor Your HR NewbieDo you remember your first HR job? Do you have beginners like that in your HR department? Then you need to jump right in and mentor them.


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Updated April 24, 2018