Cost-Per-Hire: Stand Aside, Worthy Adversary!


There’s been quite a move in the online recruitment industry over the last few years to align further with what talent acquisition professionals really want—to deliver hires. Hires, ideally great hires, is a KPI for all and it’s a way to keep score. There’s no question that great people grow great companies, and attracting top talent is the name of the game. Everyone wants to win.  

Solution providers like Monster, CareerBuilder, and Dice have been providing hires for years by attracting talent to job advertisements in the form of duration-based postings. Indeed and SimplyHired entered and aligned further by only charging companies for the talent they actually attracted to view their job postings (Cost-Per-Click). Jobs2Careers took one step further offering to only charge companies for resumes delivered (Cost-Per-Application). The models have evolved, but the commitment is still the same—hires.

This leads to an important question. Why not charge per hire? This sounds like a staffing firm to me. Enter Randstad and Monster, Indeed and Recruit,, and a few other startups.  Do you remember seeing Randstad offices in your local strip mall?  Gone are the days of brick and mortar, just like retail. The fish are online and you have to fish where the fish are. Everyone is online, but the online recruitment industry is estimated to be worth $10 - $20 billion, while the staffing industry is estimated at over $400 billion. A transformation is happening.  Monster will become a staffing firm, and Indeed already has. CareerBuilder is next.  

At Talroo, we know our customers: job sites, staffing firms, and employers. There’s room for all in our marketplace and we’re happy to continue driving value and, more importantly, hires. We’re here to support the ecosystem and will continue going the extra mile to drive even more value for all customers.

Cost-Per-Hire, you are a worthy adversary, but our customers need to drive hires too, not just Talroo. Our products are designed so that each customer type can drive the value they need to grow and provide amazing value to their end client.

Topics: Recruiting Industry

Updated December 21, 2018