[eBook] Why Sourcing Has a Big Impact on Hiring Success


Organizations face many external challenges when sourcing candidates to fill their talent needs. There are talent shortages, stiff competition for talent, and a constant need to identify new talent due to high attrition and ongoing vacancies.

With this in mind, your sourcing strategy will determine whether you find the talent that meets your organization’s needs. There is plenty of evidence that organizations are not exploring all talent segments to fill their hiring needs.

In this new ebook written by Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst for Brandon Hall Group's Talent Acquisition practice, and Thad Price, CEO of Talroo, they reveal how organizations can improve sourcing strategies to improve hiring success, including:

  • Best practices in sourcing talent and sourcing analytics.
  • Impact of sourcing on hiring success.
  • Technology that propels sourcing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Topics: Talent Acquisition

Updated February 19, 2019