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Following our success with other industry verticals like Healthcare, Restaurant, Retail, Financial Services, and more, Talroo is launching a new audience network specialty: Pirates.

Thad Price, Talroo’s CEO says, “Swashbuckling is an often-overlooked discipline, and Talroo aims to correct that. In an environment of unprecedented economic growth and low unemployment rates, many potential job candidates are being lured away to more respectable industries – but seafaring captains still need to staff their ships and get about their business in a timely manner.”

“To date, hiring for pirates has largely been a word-of-mouth industry for us, with captains and commodores sharing word of their hiring successes with Talroo to other fleets. So, we’re taking this effort mainstream now, with a full vertical training program for our employees, and technology to find those diamond-in-the-rough pirate crew candidates,” Price continued.

When it comes to the pirate vertical, Talroo is excited to take on an industry that most normal companies would avoid like a bad case of scurvy. Recruiting pirates poses unique challenges, since candidates often have questionable morals, poor hygiene, and no fixed address. Another hiring obstacle is the misconception that pirate life is all about drinking rum and finding treasure – more often, it’s loading the cannons and swabbing parrot droppings off the poop deck. Talroo knew that with their unique audiences and data-driven approach to attracting talent, they would be able to find the committed and eager pirate candidates who would be the just right match for the positions in demand.

Already, Talroo’s ability to attract new candidates is starting to pay off for Bart McBowman, first mate of the ship Queen’s Quest: “Talroo be staffing me with the highest caliber pirates. And I mean crew that be ready to sail, not some landlubber who be uploading his resume years ago!”

Talroo’s commitment to the pirate industry goes beyond just technical expertise. We recognize that the human element is essential for recruiting success. To ensure that fleet commanders and captains get the same level of service as any more respectable industry, Talroo hired a pirate expert to teach their client success team to speak in the language pirates understand. See the training in action.

If you need to staff your own ship, visit talroo.com/pirates to learn how Talroo can help you hire the pirate talent you need to conquer the seven seas. No matter what industry you’re hiring for, Talroo can help you recruit better. Meet the team behind Talroo at SHRM Talent in Nashville, April 8th - 10th.

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Updated June 25, 2020