Talroo helps Austin Chinese Community Rally to Help Healthcare Workers


In an organized effort to help fight Coronavirus on the front lines, the Austin Chinese Community COVID-19-Fighting Alliance (ACCCA) has committed to delivering more than 180,000 items of personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks, goggles, thermometers, and more to local hospitals and healthcare workers who are helping Austinites fight the virus. Local engineer Xianghua Xiao founded ACCCA to leverage the desire of the Austin Chinese community to help the city of Austin fight Coronavirus and protect public health.

“At ACCCA, we have created a team of volunteers to raise funds, procure medical-grade PPE from overseas, facilitate imports of these PPEs to the US, and contact and deliver to organizations who are and will be in need,” said Xianghua. “We are taking decisive and speedy actions to show our love and care for the greater Austin community, the place we call home and where we are raising our families.”

Healthcare workers Austin Texas Coronavirus Donations

The ACCCA has partnered with various local donors to make their vision happen, including technology company Talroo, who is a primary donor, local mathematics school Math POT Inc., Legacy Realty LLC, Austin Great Wall Chinese School (AGWCS), and more. In addition to raising funds, the ACCCA is also sourcing products from China and other locations, managing all logistics, and distributing equipment with help from over 400 volunteers and donors, nearly all from the Asian-American community. Sourcing these certified goods from China and Europe can present challenges due to regulations, customs, and logistical red tape, so the volunteers spend significant hours researching companies and finding the right partners so that the products can be delivered quickly to meet urgent needs.

Coronavirus PPE Donations Austin Texas ACCCA

Once the goods arrive, they are processed quickly and sent where they need to go. Warehouse space, donated by a member of the ACCCA, is used to help register, organize, and sanitize the products. Volunteers call local hospitals, clinics, fire and police stations, nursing homes and other organizations to determine PPE needs. Logistics and dispatch take it from there. Fifteen organizations including Seton, ARC, Austin State Hospital, among the city’s largest hospitals, have received donations so far, with many more to come within the next few days.

"We have an ongoing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) across our sites of care, and we are grateful for ACCCA's donations to our healthcare system," said Miguel Romano, President of Seton Foundations. "We continue to be amazed and appreciative of the outpouring of generosity from organizations like ACCCA to support our hospital staff, community and patients during these challenging times."  

Healthcare worker Austin Texas Coronavirus Donations

Talroo’s founder and chairman, Bruce Ge, was impressed with the work that the ACCCA was doing in the community and was eager to contribute on behalf of all the employees at Talroo. A local tech company in the recruiting space, Talroo is also helping the healthcare community nationwide by offering free marketing automation for healthcare companies who need to hire critical talent via online hiring events. If you’re in HR or talent acquisition for a healthcare company, learn more about the offer. To join the ACCCA’s efforts, please visit their website.

Healthcare worker Austin Texas Coronavirus Donations


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Updated April 6, 2020