eBook: 5 Recruiting Strategies for Filling Your Funnel Faster


Have you ever actually applied for a job on your careers site? Yeah, I’m guessing from that blank look that the answer is probably no—or at least, it’s been a while, if you’re like most recruiting and staffing practitioners. In fact, the only time most end users actually audit the front end of their application tracking system or recruiting software is when a new system is implemented, and even then it was likely only to make sure that it was working. In talent acquisition today, we spend a lot of our time focusing on the negative experiences epidemic to recruitment and retention, and how those experiences adversely affect our business.

Whether it’s sourcing, offer negotiation or onboarding, the candidate experience conversation seems to accentuate the negative. But what are the meaningful suggestions on how, exactly, recruiters are supposed to fix what’s long been broken? When it comes to actually analyzing the impact of improving candidate experience, we’re at a disadvantage because, well, we’re dealing with a serious case of the missing metrics.

According to the 2015 Candidate Experience Awards, 43% of candidates spend 30 minutes or more on the average online application, and 10% spend an hour or more. Think about this for a second. On one hand, you’re placing a premium on passive candidates who are fully employed, but you expect them to waste up to an hour of their time filling out your stupid forms? Forget about it.

Even the best recruitment marketing or HR technology can’t fix a broken process, so stop adding complexity and start focusing on simplicity. Most candidates start their online job search process with a search engine like Google—which means that expectations for user experience going in are pretty high. Want to improve candidate experience (and recruiting results) while reducing cost per hire and time to fill?

Keep it simple, stupid.

This eBook will uncover the five top strategies (plus plenty of supporting evidence and statistics) that will help almost any organization streamline their application process and shorten time to fill.


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Updated April 24, 2018