14 Experts on Taking Your Productivity Game from Slow to Pro


It’s easy to lose focus on being productive when we’re so busy being busy. When you reach a point when your 40-50 hour workweek is no longer sufficient to get your job done, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate—not what your workload is, but how you’re doing your job.

I took a break from being busy to reach out to several experts in recruiting and talent acquisition (and some of the busiest people I know) to ask about their favorite productivity tool, hack, extension, or software and they gave us some great answers.

I’m already using a Chrome extension that I hadn’t heard of before (I’m not a recruiter, but I spend a lot of time working with them!). Read the responses below and feel free to share your own favorite productivity tools with us in the comments!

As a Recruiter for J.Crew’s Distribution Center and Call Center in Lynchburg, VA, my “go to” tool is LinkedIn (Recruiter version). I search for passive candidates, join groups, create projects, and post positions. I’ve been quite successful in filling many high level exempt/salaried positions.

Renee Draney, Recruiter, J.Crew

I feel that Hiretual is the best tool in the market right now for sourcing and recruiting. To begin with, it works on Linkedin, Facebook, and Github. Secondly, it provides contact details for the candidates (email, phone, or both). Also, it has a built in Boolean Builder where you can put in your job description and it will automatically convert it to Boolean. Finally, Hiretual just launched a web based version, so if your company won't allow chrome extensions you can use the desktop version.

Jason Vogel, PHR, PwC, Experienced Recruiting Sourcing Manager

And a second mention for Hiretual!

Hiretual is a sourcing, scraping and contact finding tool that allows you to do sourcing, scraping, and contact  finding task up to 10x quicker than other tools. You can quickly find candidates, find their contact info and put them into a nice list that is downloadable all from one place.

Dean Da Costa, SP, TSIS, STL, The Search Authority


My favorite recruiting productivity tool is Buffer. I use it to post content relevant to passive candidates on various social media accounts. The end result? Passive candidates follow me for similar content and every now and again, I share job descriptions with a targeted audience. Easy.

Jim Stroud, Global Head of Sourcing and Recruiting Strategy, Talent Innovation Center @ Randstad Sourceright

For me, for RecruitLoop, and for hundreds of the recruiters in our global recruiter marketplace, a favourite productivity tool for recruiting is definitely Outreach. It's an amazing tool that recruiters can use for the sales/business development side of their job as well as for candidate outreach and engagement. It allows you to send carefully crafted and perfectly timed email sequences to attract prospective customers, as well as emails to engage passive candidates once you've sourced their contact details (using any of our other favorite sourcing tools!)

Outreach will help you track open and response rates; it will remove prospects from sequences once they reply to you; and most importantly it can allow you to hyper personalise your copy to attract that next big client or purple unicorn! We rely on outreach; many of our recruiters rely on outreach; so it's definitely one of my personal favorite recruiting tools.

Paul Slezak, RecruitLoop Cofounder and Head of Marketplace, RecruitLoop

One of our favorite productivity tools for recruiting is Mixmax. It’s like a productivity suite for recruiters. Some of the features that make it a great are tracking email opens, clicks and downloads, scheduling meetings, creating templates and automating outreach. The free version is pretty generous, and the clean, intuitive design makes it easy to use. Our favorite feature is how easy it is to send calendar availability to prospective candidates.

Jordan Wan, CEO, CloserIQ

My favorite tool for recruiting is the telephone. It is the fastest and truest way to establish heart-to-heart communication.

Maureen Sharib, Phone Sourcer, 513 646 7306

The best recruiters are ones that are organized, prepared and focused on their pipeline building and open requisitions while managing organizational and operational obligations including conference calls, meetings, and important networking and mentoring. I rely on a Chrome extension called ToDoist to help manage my tasks and priorities helping me to get through my list of important items first and meet specific deadlines. I also rely on my calendar to help me manage my day blocking out time on certain days to achieve important regular tasks in 1-2 hour time slots. This helps keep me focused and interruption free.

Another one of my favorite productivity tricks is using Calendly.com to help schedule meetings. I send my friend or colleague my Calendly link and they are able to book a meeting time that works with my schedule as well as their own. This eliminates time spent on reading and responding to meeting availability emails and allows for others to access my calendar quickly and easily.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, Chief Innovation Officer at Workology

We have worked with hundreds of recruiters through the years though and have had numerous conversations with them on what works, what doesn't work and their favorite productivity tool in their day to day operations. By far, the following three have gained the highest marks and they are not in any particular order:




Sam Ajam, Senior Partner, buzzrecruiter

Favorite recruiting tool: Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The system makes it easy for me to quickly identify great talent as well as track and manage each step of our hiring process.

Natalie Morgan, HR & Communications Manager, CareerPlug

My favourite productivity tool right now is a Chrome extension called Permanent Clipboard. Imagine being able to save all the information you most frequently have to retrieve or share with someone via email or social media. Now imagine that all that is available via a right-click of your mouse on any website you're visiting. For recruiters this is a huge time-saver as you can reply to standard questions on LinkedIn or via email in just a couple of seconds; plus, it makes responding to people on social media a whole lot less time consuming. A social recruiting must-have in my book!

Tony Restell, Founder of Social-Hire.com

First let me say: we [at ScribblePost] are productivity nerds, and technologists, but we share an office with a recruitment company, so we have a unique view into both worlds. Recruiters are on the phone and in meetings all day long, meeting with candidates, managing client relationships, and of course, closing deals. While CRMs are great for managing deals through the funnel, there is a massive element of overkill for most of the daily work recruiters do. We created ScribblePost to be a super-fast note taker and task manager in one—you can use it to capture thoughts and ideas, take meeting notes, plan projects and track everything you need to get done. It's modelled on the way people scribble notes on paper, so it's very flexible and simple to use.

Paul Berkovic, Cofounder, ScribblePost

I love Acuity calendar scheduling. It saves me so much time going back and forth scheduling calls. People can simply see when I am free, in their own time zone, and book a time that suits. Job done!

Katrina Collier, Chief Searchologist, Social Recruiting Expert

One of the greatest productivity tools we’ve implemented is the use of a video interviewing platform. There are two main benefits to the platform: Efficiency and Connection. The platform has made parts of recruiting process “bite-sized” which is perfect for the current worker/candidate. It has almost eliminated our recruiter’s initial “pre-screen” call and the need to write copious amounts of notes (dear lord, managers love not having to read those notes). In addition, despite the elimination of our initial “call,” the video platform still achieves the connection recruiters and candidates desire in the process. Videos are customizable, allow both HR and managers the opportunity to have that first “touch” (through separate recordings). What’s not to love?

Dawn Burke, VP of People at Daxco and prolific blogger at Fistful of Talent


We all have our favorite tools to make us work smarter. Feel free to share your own favorite productivity tools with us in the comments!


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Updated December 21, 2018