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Hometown: Shanghai, China
Current City: Austin, TX
Life Motto: Work hard, play hard.

Jobs2Careers was born in a bachelor pad in Shanghai.

Like most bachelor pads, its occupants slept all day, stayed up all night, watched plenty of soccer and frequently forwent cooking dinner, instead opting to walk to a nearby restaurant for lamian or Ramen noodles. And yes – this bachelor pad came equipped with a ping-pong table (an entire floor devoted to it, in fact).Unlike your typical bachelor pad, however, the guys living here didn’t stay up all night to party or play video games. Instead, the future CEO, Senior Software Engineer and Chief SEO Analyst of Jobs2Careers began developing what is now today’s fastest growing job search engine (on U.S. time – hence sleeping all day, working all night).

Back then, Jobs2Careers was better known as, an employee referral network that CEO Bruce Ge brought to Shanghai after trying his luck in Foster City, CA on version 1.0: After Jobirn, the site would be known as Jobs-to-Careers and, eventually,Jobs2Careers.

Officially launching in 2010, Jobs2Careers found its first U.S. home in California’s Silicon Valley before moving to Austin, TX in April 2013. Since the move, the Jobs2Careers team has more than quadrupled in size!

Today, we’re a fun and unique group, crazy about job search. We love to solve problems and create new ideas. We offer a challenging work environment and lots of growth opportunity. And with a “best-in-breed” mentality, we expect only the best… so that’s what we deliver.

Get to know the humans behind this job search engine:

Describe a typical day on the job.
While the details are different for all departments, you can probably find many of us in the kitchen around 9am getting our caffeine fix from one of three coffee machines. Then, we get to work making Jobs2Careers the best job search engine possible for job seekers and job advertisers, alike. For lunch, we share a catered meal, squeezing into the kitchen that we’ve outgrown too quickly (shout-out to Chef Alvaro in Austin!). Then, it’s back to work – with occasional breaks for quick Nerf® battles (the Sales team usually wins).
Jobs2Careers team
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of our job is making lives easier for job seekers, employers, recruiters and anyone else who uses our site, whether by providing relevant and useful job search results or the tools necessary to find your next great hire.

In your opinion, what makes Jobs2Careers different than any other job aggregator?
We are steadfastly focused on matching the correct candidate to the correct company because we know that a mutual match is top priority. To do this, we’ve developed a targeted job search engine for job seekers and Candidate Targeting Tools for employers.

What is your favorite snack/lunch from the Jobs2Careers kitchen?
Judging by the short shelf life of the following items, the Jobs2Careers team loves: Starbucks Refreshers™, Austin’s own Daily Greens juices, Kombucha, Whole Foods chocolate covered almonds and Fire Bowl Café. We’re salivating just thinking about them!

What would be your ultimate superhero power?
We would be able to read minds. This way, we’d know exactly what kind of job/employee someone is looking for without having to tell us!

If you were immortal for one day, what would you do?
As demonstrated by our company events, the Jobs2Careers team is competitive with a dash of dare-devil. If we were immortal for one day, we’d spend it doing something that gets our heart racing… like sky-diving. Race you to the ground!
Jobs2Careers team
What is the best advice you can give to job seekers? You cannot be perceived as better until you’re perceived as different. Whether you submit an unconventional cover letter, really “wow” your interviewer or make a memorable splash as an employee, find your own strengths and shine in your own way!
Jobs2Careers job advice

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Updated January 3, 2019