Jobs2Careers launches new mobile site!


Jobs2Careers has recently launched its new mobile site aimed at making the mobile job search even easier.

“In just the last thirty days, Jobs2Careers has served over 2.2 million users from their mobile device. We are very proud of our new mobile user experience and will continue to enhance our value proposition for job seekers, employers, staffing agencies, and job boards.  With mobile traffic up 125% in the last six months, our fast, intuitive, and user friendly mobile job search will propel our traffic growth even more,” says Thad Price, Director of Product Development at Jobs2Careers.

To better meet the needs of these mobile users, Jobs2Careers’ new mobile site offers a crisp, clear and easy-to-use interface where users can search, email and apply to more than 2 million jobs from the palm of their hand.

User Experience

By creating a simple and intuitive format, job seekers can easily search and view job results with minimal distraction and at the highest download speed possible.

Jobs2Careers Mobile Site

Faster Recruiting Process

Specifically designed to quickly and efficiently connect mobile applicants with employers, the Jobs2Careers mobile site increases visibility and accessibility of jobs among mobile job seekers.

Jobs2Careers Mobile Site

Options to Apply

With new features like “Mobile Apply” and email to “Apply Later,” candidates can choose to immediately apply directly from their mobile device or email the job posting for future reference.

Jobs2Careers recommends using the mobile site to search for job results on-the-go and emailing to “Apply Later” from a desktop for added convenience and functionality.

Jobs2Careers Mobile Site Apply


Daily Job Alerts

Job seekers will continue to easily search career opportunities across all geographic and industry filters, sort results by relevance or date, and sign up to receive Daily Email Alerts.

Jobs2Careers Daily Job Alerts


We’d love to hear your feedback. Please visit us on your mobile device ––  and let us know what you think. Feel free leave a comment below or tweet us at @jobs2careers.

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Updated February 19, 2019