Jobs2Careers Launches Talent Attraction Platform, On Demand Talent


Jobs2Careers, a recruitment technology company offering data-driven job advertising solutions, announced today the launch of On Demand Talent — recruitment software that uses predictive analytics to help talent acquisition and recruiting professionals fill their open positions more efficiently.

Likening the analytics to those of web and social media ads, On Demand Talent enhances Jobs2Careers’ proven record of helping companies find the best talent sources from across the web, including niche sites, associations, blogs, and local interest sites.

“Recruiting and talent acquisition leaders are moving toward a marketer’s mindset. The art and science of attracting talent looks more like user and customer acquisition. They want more efficiency to reach talent and ultimately drive hires,” said Thad Price, Jobs2Careers VP of Product. “We believe On Demand Talent is going to disrupt the current model because the platform is data driven - programmatic job advertising down to an individual job - similar to buying a keyword on a search engine or an ad on a social media platform."

Jobs2Careers integrates with most applicant tracking systems and will continue its aggregated job search engine role, offering the On Demand Talent tool to its clients at no additional cost — meaning Jobs2Careers offers a trusted marketplace for job ad placements and the insights to predict performance. With the addition of On Demand Talent, Jobs2Careers touts three key benefits: predict, optimize, and deliver.

“For too long, companies have invested in recruitment advertising without understanding outcomes,” Price said. “With On Demand Talent, we can give you insights as to how your job ad may perform and we only charge for what we deliver. We like to think of On Demand Talent as the evolution of a job board - a talent attraction platform - giving you access to a targeted marketplace reaching over 2 billion job searches every month. Supply and demand ultimately determines price."

About Jobs2Careers

Jobs2Careers builds technology to help employers effectively find talent. The company’s talent attraction platform, On Demand Talent, predicts job ad performance, optimizes placements, and delivers your next great hire. The company was founded in 2010 by CEO Bruce Ge and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. 

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Updated December 21, 2018