Jobs2Careers Launches New Mobile-Optimized Website


Jobs2Careers has launched a new mobile-optimized website. As more job seekers use mobile devices as their primary device during their job search, the need for an enhanced mobile-optimized website became critical for the leading job search engine. 

Following the launch of Jobs2Careers' new identity and website earlier this year, the new mobile website brings a richer user experience with increased functionality for the mobile job seeker and offers increased value to employers.

The mobile website mirrors the desktop version's job channelization based on type of work -- professional, part-time and gigs -- allowing consumers to filter their search for the right job. It also enhances the job aggregator's Pay-Per-Call job advertising model and its solution to non-mobile-friendly employer websites, J2C Apply.

With Pay-Per-Call, job seekers can "click-to-call" employers directly without ever leaving their mobile web browser. For employers, this innovative approach to mobile recruitment helps fill requisitions quicker by optimizing mobile job ads in order to instantly connect with high-demand job seekers. For employers without a mobile-friendly or -optimized website, they can host the full application process via Jobs2Careers' J2C Apply.

"Today, 40% of Jobs2Careers searches are conducted from the job seeker's mobile device and this trend continues to climb," states Thad Price, VP of Product and Engineering. "With the creation of mobile-first and On-Demand Employment™ marketplaces, like Uber and Instacart, many people depend on their mobile devices for work. Our commitment is to create a mobile ecosystem full of rich functionality connecting talent with work in the most effective way."

The new mobile website is an important step in Jobs2Careers' efforts to bridge the gap between employers and the mobile job seeker. According to Price, these efforts will continue as Jobs2Careers continues "innovating and providing additional features for job seekers."

About Jobs2Careers

Jobs2Careers is a nationwide job aggregator dedicated to innovating the way talent effectively finds work. The site provides job seekers with free access from their desktop or mobile device to easily search millions of available requisitions across the United States in all industries. The job search engine is also the first to offer "Pay-per-Application" as a job advertising solution for employers.

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Updated February 19, 2019