Job Description Burnout? Get Inspiration From These Witty Ads


Wracking your brain for ways to stand out in a job seeker’s market? Need to reach passive candidates? Humor can go a long way in grabbing a candidate’s attention. Here are a few we found from companies who went the witty route. Whether it’s a billboard or online, creative job ads are the most likely to be shared. Bonus points for letting a company’s culture shine through!

These nine company ads, including McDonald’s, Ikea, and MailChimp, are real attention-getters and do a great job of using humor to promote their employer brand.

Fashion brand Everlane created this ad because they love to hire rule-breakers.

hiring ad

Canopy Design’s eye-catching job ad for creative designers.

hiring ad

Ikea isn’t really telling you to quit your job (or are they?), but we love the Ikea-simple format of this one.

Ikea quit your job

Dubai-based Laazi consultancy needed a campaign to catch the eye of passive candidates. We think this one worked!

new job to complain about

MailChimp’s ad for a recruiting event knocked it out of the park. We love the “Napoleon Dynamite”-style and sense of humor!

mailchimp job ad

This ad for McDonald’s India was meant to catch the eye of students and new grads. We’re assuming it worked because it’s hard to NOT find a Maharaja Mac in India.

Mcdonalds India job ad

It’s hard to find good salespeople. But “can you sell air?” is a great attention-getter. From the Nation’s Stations in Dubai.

can you sell air

Need to hire someone who sees a blank page as an opportunity? Rostant Advertising came up with a creative way to find the perfect candidates!

Go negative and people will notice...not to mention the appeal of humor in the application questions from UK company SellSell.

Want more on perfecting your job descriptions? Talroo’s very own Thad Price participated in a lively panel on best practices for job descriptionsIf you’re still stuck, check out this piece on humanizing your job ads. It’s solid advice for anyone who wants to do more than your typical job posting!

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Updated May 30, 2018