Inside the Mind of an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur: Bruce Ge, Founder and CEO of Jobs2Careers


Yesterday, Inc. magazine announced the 2014 Inc. 500|5000 List, an annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

Jobs2Careers is ranked as the 2 fastest growing private company in the Human Resources industry and 131 overall. With a three-year growth rate of 2,830 percent, Jobs2Careers joins the ranks of Microsoft, Timberland, Under Armour, Jamba Juice, Clif Bar, Pandora, Patagonia, Oracle and In addition to Jobs2Careers, the 2014 list added such powerhouses as GoPro, Bridger, Fuhu, Tough Mudder, Bowlmor, and Lending Club. For more information on Inc.and the 2014 Inc. 500|5000, read the full press release.

For the first time ever, 2014 Inc. 500 CEOs were invited to complete the “Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder assessment.”

“We’ve always believed that Inc. 500 CEOs are disproportionately talented business people. Now we have the groundbreaking research to prove it,” writes Leigh Buchanan, Editor at Large for Inc. magazine, in the magazine’s September 2014 edition, on stands August 20, 2014.

This research, collected from 155 of the Inc. 500 CEOs – including Ge – and a national sample of 2,700 entrepreneurs by Gallup, an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company, indicated that:

  • Inc. 500 CEOs scored higher in every dimension, helping to outline specific traits that setthem apart from the pack.*
  • Inc. 500 founders were more than twice as likely as the national sample to score “high” on all ten entrepreneurial strengths. The Inc. 500 scored “high,” on average, for 6/10 strengths; the national sample, 2/10.*
  • Sixteen percent scored high enough to be classified as “exceptional,” as compared to the two percent national sample.*
  • Inc. 500 entrepreneurs dominate in three strengths: risk-taking, business focus and determination.*

How do they do it? Get inside the mind of one of Inc. 500’s “remarkably daring, focused, and determined entrepreneurs.”

Bruce Ge: “To the contrary of many modern management beliefs, we [Jobs2Careers] are not KPI [Key Performance Indicator] driven.  We don’t even try to quantify each employee’s contribution.  So, what do we do?

In early 2012, I [Ge] attended a two-day seminar by the American Management Association in San Francisco.  They surprised me by claiming Dorothy [of Wizard of Oz] as the perfect manager.  Obviously she doesn’t possess much knowledge, nor was she trained in any management class.

How did she motivate everybody around her to reach their max potential?  The answer is actually simple: She is able to appreciate people as they are.

In reality, “Dorothies” are rare.  When judgments were influenced by greed, fear, doubt, jealousy, lack-of-patience, prejudice or pride, pure appreciation becomes so hard.  It costs our ego to cancel out all of these influences before we can really start to appreciate [people as they are].

My employees shocked me with their knowledge, passion, creativity and diligence.  When I believe they can build a miracle, they deliver it.  That’s how we became a. Inc. 500 company.  We will become a Fortune 500 company simply by repeating the same.  All it takes is our open, honest mind.”

Source: Buchanan, Leigh. “Wired for Success.” Inc. 1 Sept. 2014: 26-33. Print.

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Updated February 19, 2019