How Talroo Uses Analytics Zoo and AWS to Leverage Deep Learning for Job Recommendations


In September of 2018, Talroo was pleased to present a joint educational session with Intel at the Strata Data Conference in New York City. The presentation, "Job recommendations leveraging Deep Learning using Analytics Zoo on Apache Spark and BigDL" explored how the HR technology industry can make job search/match more relevant for candidates by leveraging deep learning techniques. 
Jacob Eisinger, director of data at Talroo, Wenjing Zhan, data scientist at Talroo, and Guoquing Song, software engineer at Intel, demonstrated how to leverage distributed deep learning framework BigDL on Apache Spark to predict a candidate’s probability of applying to specific jobs based on their resume.
Jacob, Wenjing, and Guoquing have published an article about their conclusions that is now available on Intel's learning hub for developers.
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Topics: Technology

Updated March 8, 2019