4 Easy Ways to Hire Like a Marketer


You’ve probably heard that if recruiters want to compete in today’s digital world, they need to think like a marketer. But what does that mean exactly? What is it about the way a marketer thinks that will equal success for recruiters? Here are four actionable, data-driven strategies to change the way you think and will give you the results you need.

1. Prioritize lead capture.

Sure, you want to hire right now and, to do that, you need applications. But you also need to build your pipeline – and all you really need is an email address. Give your audience something of value now, and they will return as a job seeker later, ready to provide you with everything you need to make an informed hiring decision. Plus, 91% of millennials plan to spend less than three years in their current position, so your job seeker is a repeat customer (source: Bamboo HR). The time you put into building relationships with job seekers now will pay off down the road.

2. Streamline your apply process.

You’ve done all the hard work to get a job seeker to apply for a job. Letting them get away now is a waste of your efforts! Clunky application processes will deter most job seekers, especially the ones who don’t really NEED a job – the highly-qualified passive candidates you most want to hire. A simple one-step apply process is the way to go, and data shows why. Conversions decrease by 33% with two-step apply (source: Jobs2Careers). Consider how much information you really need from a job seeker to make an educated decision about their candidacy.

3. Get mobile!

The percentage of job seekers using mobile in their search is staggering, and it just keeps growing. Currently, 77% of job seekers use mobile in their search, and the percentage is even larger in certain industries (source: Beyond). The number of job seekers using mobile to search for jobs on Jobs2Careers is nearly half – and that figure has gone up 7% in just one year! If you don’t know what your mobile numbers look like, find out – you may be surprised. Then get to work making sure your application process is optimized to reach those mobile candidates.

4. Brand your company.

Like it or not, millennials are taking over the workforce, and they trust peer reviews. The average millennial uses 15 resources in their job search (source: Bamboo HR). If you have a robust Glassdoor page with picture of your office space and plenty of reviews, you’re on your way. Landing a spot on a local “Best Places to Work” list is a nice, low-cost win. Make sure that your website’s “careers” section does more than just list vacancies – tell your company’s story, list executive bios, and brag about your perks!

Changing the way you think about hiring sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone has been a job seeker at one point, so imagining what the candidate goes through isn’t a stretch. Even if you’re constrained by time and budget, you can use the tools you do have to the best of your ability to see your conversions increase!

Topics: Recruiting Strategies

Updated April 24, 2018