Friday Roundup: The Company Culture Edition


Company culture has been a hot topic since, well, companies existed. With all the advice and counter-advice out there, it’s hard to isolate how to create a solid foundation for employee engagement and retention. Company culture is that foundation and we have a roundup of the best articles from this week on culture at work.

From HRZone: How to Take Control of Your Company Culture. While most people join companies for the job and the salary, they stay there because of the culture.

From Advertising Age: 14 Agency Hacks To Keep and Motivate Your Best Talent. Ways to help build loyalty are all the rage, but in a quest to go beyond the usual suggestions (like office kegs and yes, free lunch), Ad Age asked experts for their smartest, most innovative talent hacks. Their answers ranged from trapeze lessons to opening up the books. Read on.

From M'lou Walker, CEO of Matrixx Initiatives (Zicam): 4 Tips For Managing Today’s Turbulent Climate In The Workplace. Connecting in the workplace and giving space for discussions in ways that draw on emotional intelligence and create a tolerant environment can help to strengthen organizations.

From RewardGateway: [Video] It’s Time to Put Your Culture Where Your Comms Are. Internal Communications Manager Catrin Lewis kicks off CatComms TV with an episode on how her company uses its internal communications platform to showcase corporate culture. Side note: Three minutes of NOT boring!

From Drew’s Marketing Minute: Show a Little Gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just for customers. The smart business owner creates a continuous chain of gratitude and not only is it genuine, but it yields incredible benefits.

From Culture Amp: Employee Engagement’s Little-Known Benefit: It’s Contagious. Emotional contagion, the phenomenon that an individual’s emotions can be unconsciously passed on to other individuals and groups, has been studied for over 50 years. But how does contagion apply to employee engagement?

From CI Radar: Because we love shenanigans (and Star Wars puzzles) too…

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Updated April 24, 2018