Friday Roundup: Candidate Engagement Essentials


Surfacing a new lead for that hard-to-fill position that’s been haunting you all week is a marvelous feeling. Discovering data and profiles, however, is just one piece of the puzzle. Excitement can turn into frustration quickly if you find that candidates are unresponsive to your attempts at engagement.

In this week’s roundup, we delve into the essentials of candidate engagement by looking at some of the posts you may have missed amid the hustle and bustle of your day.

How are companies using their content to engage candidates in a scalable way? What role can new technology fill in your recruitment process? What do your candidates need to see before they respond? Need answers? Look no further! Keep reading to dig into a wealth of information from talent acquisition and recruitment professionals that can help you fill in the gaps.

Greenhouse: Twitter Takeaways from Glassdoor Recruit 2017. Embracing the rise of informed candidates was the central theme for Glassdoor’s Recruit Conference this year and Twitter is abuzz with insights.

ERE: Here’s Why Candidates Should Hear From Your Senior Leaders, Too. Lauryn Sargent, co-founder of Stories Inc., explains how getting senior leadership to set the stage for candidates can help you engage them on a deeper level than the stories your recruitment team might tell alone. Learn how to put your leaders, and their vision, front and center through your content.

SourceCon: Rules for Contacting a Candidate. Proactive Talent Strategies founder Will Staney shares his go-to guidelines for initiating contact with candidates.

Beamery: Content Marketing for Recruitment: the Playbook. Pump up your recruitment marketing with content that builds relationships with candidates through education. In this thorough guide, Beamery’s Ben Slater walks through the steps you need to take, from research and planning to creation and promotion.

LinkedIn Talent Blog: 3 Steps to Energizing Your Employer Brand Through Humor (Hilarious Examples and All). Humor can be a powerful way to make your company and recruiting team feel more accessible to candidates. This post shares step-by-step guidance to help you tap on candidates’ funny bone!

WilsonHCG: [INFOGRAPHIC] University Recruitment – GEN Z is Taking Control of Their Careers. Wondering if you need to revamp your university recruitment strategy for Gen Z candidates? This handy infographic zooms in on the generation with definitive research and shares tips that will help you hone your engagement strategy for future recruits.

VentureBeat: AI will simplify talent acquisitionExplore the opportunities that artificial intelligence opens for solving some of the industry’s most painful (and pricey!) challenges. Just think: how many candidate engagement challenges could you solve if you simply had more time? Would your results improve if you could give candidates more human interaction?

Topics: Recruiting Industry

Updated December 21, 2018