4 Things You Need to be Doing with Your Careers Site


There are still too many one-page careers sites among employers online. If you need to hire and only have a single page to promote your jobs, it’s time to break that mold. Today’s job seekers are demanding more information from potential employers, and your website is one of the primary places they seek that knowledge.

A few weeks ago I wrote about all the different types of content you should be sharing with those seekers. Today I’ll give you a sense for how to implement it via your company career pages.

Your “careers site” can either be a set of pages that live on your company’s main website or live on its own domain like jobs.yourcompany.com or even a separate domain that you build out, like with a .jobs address.

For reference I am going to use two examples from Jobs2Careers and Gartner’s careers site located at jobs.gartner.com. Both of these sites do a great job of showcasing their value proposition to potential candidates. You would do well to emulate them.


Overall, the look and feel of the Gartner site has a clean, modern look. It doesn’t burden you with too many choices and links. Right away, above the fold, you get a picture of real employees, an easy way to search jobs and a employer value proposition. Oh, and it’s mobile friendly by the way! If your site still doesn’t display correctly on mobile you are probably ticking off your candidates.

Great design also means easy to use. Navigating around the Gartner site is easy as pie. The top navigation points to the core information candidates want and other sections and links are clearly labeled. I especially like how sections are broken into boxes which makes the content easy to read. That’s a good visual trick to use.

Great Careers Sites - Gartner

  1. Content

Every careers site should have a way to see jobs right on the homepage, either by a search jobs box or displaying the latest listings. Don’t make people click. They are there to apply for a job most likely, so help them get to that section with the fewest clicks possible. Doing a job search delivered the results so I could see what’s available at a quick glance. A filtering box and a way to sign up for job alerts are also important elements.

The Gartner site has a few other core pieces of content which are terrific. Telling job seekers why they should consider working for you is a must is today’s talent search. What makes your company different? Gartner spells it out for candidates.

Great Careers Sites - Gartner

They also highlight their own employees in their own words. So be sure to showcase your star performers in a similar way through a Q&A or video testimonial. Being able to see who works there gives job seekers comfort and confidence in your organization.

Great Careers Sites - Gartner

The Jobs2Careers site also spells out “What you get” when you go to work there. Those Breakfast Taco Mondays make me want to join right now! :-)

Great Careers Sites - Jobs2Careers

  1. Social Media Integration

Throughout the Gartner site near the bottom you can see the latest round of tweets from the careers team’s twitter account. This element brings “life” to the site and gives candidates another look at what’s happening within the company.

Also be sure to add links to all your social media accounts in the footer of your career site along with linking back to your main site if that applies.

Great Careers Sites - Jobs2Careers

  1. Video

More and more companies are putting out recruitment videos to help attract the video generation. The J2C video is well done and includes a tour of the office as well as employees speaking for themselves. The 3 minute video can be watched via the “See Us in Action” link on the main screen.

Great Careers Sites - Jobs2Careers

I hope these great career site examples inspire you to create one for your company. Candidates always are looking for more company-specific information and HR professionals can take these lessons to give them what they want. Think your career site matches up? Let me know with a comment.

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Updated April 24, 2018