Five Companies Killin’ the Recruiting Game with Snapchat


Over the past few years, we’ve seen an influx of unique ways job candidates are showcasing their skills to companies and recruiters, but with the current candidate-led market, recruiters are stepping up their game.

And what better way to reach those millennial workers than where they spend their time on social media? Facebook is old news in the recruiting world and Twitter and Instagram seem like the natural progression of sorts, but the underdog beating them all: Snapchat. (There's a reason they just filed for their IPO!)

Snapchat lets potential employees discover the daily...shenanigans that occur in offices (a.k.a. “company culture”). While it can’t give them a deep dive into financials or predict the future of a company, it can give them a sense of the employee engagement and overall vibe of the company.

Here are five companies doing it right:

Sour Patch Kids (Modelez Brand)

sour patch kids snapchat

Snapchat launched in 2011 and sourpatchsnaps was one of the early adopters as far as businesses go. Not only do they have an amazing tagline (“first they're sour, then they're sweet”), but they used that to their advantage—creating a whole campaign around it.

They will also do “take-overs,” allowing employees to snap their days. A company with trust in every employee to showcase the brand in the best possible way...yes, please!


aol snapchat

A brand everyone knows and would be thrilled to work for, uses Snapchat to compete with an ever-growing tech industry. To attract millennials they have created several campaigns with a focus on diversity and talent, specifically towards women.

In a recent campaign, over the span of one week, they were able to reach 8 million users and generate 17 million views. Think of all the new applicants that converted! Find them at

General Electric

ge snapchat

An odd choice you might think, but similar to AOL, this multinational corporation is fighting for the young innovators as well. They use this platform for not only recruiting efforts, but educational experiments. Getting people excited about your industry to a creative way to show potential employees you aren’t just all work and no play.

And anyone who uses “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in a campaign has got to be doing something right! Add them at generalelectric.

Warby Parker

warby parker snapchat

From showing off products to several series stories (which include some from the company’s co-founder) the eyeglass frame company uses Snapchat as a stepping stone to cross-promote their other social media platforms. Once they have created the day’s story, they encourage their followers to find them on warbyparker.

Creating series stories is a great way to entice the viewers to come back next week for the next show. And isn’t that the goal, more return users?


grubhub snapchat

Another early adopter of the app, grubhub, has definitely found the formula for generating buzz and engaging with their followers. They focus a lot of attention on running exclusive promo codes, coupons, and giveaways—a great incentive to retain users and get first time users to download the app.

By engaging with nearly every snap, Grubhub, has solidified its spot as one of the founding fathers of marketing on Snapchat.

Whether you’e a company that has been around for many years, or a startup looking to make its mark, Snapchat has proven to be a major player in the future of recruiting top talent.

Topics: Social Recruiting

Updated December 21, 2018