24 Experts Share Top Tips for Social Media Recruiting


Social media is playing a larger role in hiring and attracting candidates now than ever before.

About eight in 10 HR professionals (82%) said recruiting passive job candidates is the primary reason their organizations use social media for recruitment. Increasing employer brand and recognition (77%), and targeting job candidates with a specific set of skills (71%) were also top reasons given. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey “Using Social Media for Talent Acquisition—Recruitment and Screening” found that recruiting via social media is growing, with 84% of organizations using it.

We asked some of the top experts in the talent acquisition industry how they brand their companies on social media to attract candidates, and received some amazingly insightful responses. In no particular order, here are the best social recruiting tips from the experts:

“How do you brand your company on social media so candidates come to you?”

“Social media is all about the discovery of cool content and stories, so encourage your employees to share their personal work stories on social media and then take it a step further and aggregate the content to other parts of your channel strategy including your career site. Not only will candidates see who they’re working with, but they will also know if they will fit in with your culture.” Ashley Cheretes, Director Global Employer Brand and Marketing, ADP

"We know that company culture is important to young talent, so we focus a lot of our posts on our culture, emphasizing our flexibility (unlimited PTO, work from home, etc.) and the way each individual office is encouraged to foster its own identity. We also pride ourselves on our thought leadership and innovation, and we try to get that across in our outreach as well." Hillary Read, VP of Marketing, 3Q Digital

“Social media is a powerful way to reach a broad range of contacts on a continuous basis. Organizations that employ social media strategies for recruitment and employment branding will eventually see candidates coming to them because they’ve generated awareness and excitement about the organization. Companies that combine educational content and promotional messages across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as well as consistently publish blog articles that position the company as a thought leader and provide insight to the company’s culture, mission, vision, and values will increase awareness and differentiate them from other employers. Social media allows companies to show who they are, what they do, and why top talent should consider your organization.” Rachel Weeks, Senior Director of Marketing, HealthcareSource

“Branding our company on social media is not about excessive self-promotion, it’s about sharing insight and passion that embodies teaching people about their personality and the power this understanding can have in their lives. When you are the thought leader, you become the employer of choice in your industry and the best and brightest come to you.” Merrick Rosenberg, CEO, Take Flight Learning

"Transparency requires companies to reveal who they are so the best people for your workplace culture are attracted and intrigued to learn more about your brand." Cyndy Trivella, Manager of Marketing, SmartSearch and Events Manager, TalentCulture

“By using the power of purpose in your social media messaging. Don't tell potential candidates the story about what employees at your company dotell them WHY they do it!” Michelle Burke, Content Marketing Executive, Social Talent

“Our best-in-class process is to use a disciplined research-based methodology to uncover the reasons that your talented professionals have joined and stayed with you, then distill those reasons into a variety of consumable, emotive kernels of information that promotes your unique culture. Share these with your employees and embed them within all your social posts. The more authentic and emotive reasons you can share, the more robust your response will be, and the better you can promote your brand.” Jody Ordioni, Chief Brand Officer, Brandemix

“Every post I write or share has an interesting story—no story, no share. What that means is that I won’t post lists, or listicles, or articles, or memes, or any other nonsense unless there’s an interesting story in it.” Paul Smith, author, Lead with a Story and Sell with a Story

"It's not just about events, promotions, and office parties; we like to pull back the curtain and show the small moments that make a day at Delphic unique." Beth Perkins, Talent Acquisition Manager, Delphic Digital

“Branding your company for attracting candidates is no different than branding for attracting clients and partners; have an authentic voice, be a thought leader offering value not promotions, offer shareable content. For specifically targeting candidates, think of being your own Glassdoor, have a company culture that encourages transparency and allows employees to share their views on company culture and activities online.” Rahul Taparia, Founder, MyWorkNinja

“We allow our current employees to be our biggest recruiting advocates. Our employees are the heartbeat of our organization and our social presence is an opportunity for us to share that heartbeat. We feature employee activities in social media and provide easy social-sharing tools that allow associates to have a hand in recruiting to their networks.” Bill Neese, VP of Talent Acquisition, Paycor

“Be approachable and human. On social media, brands have a tendency to come off as cold and robotic. By making an effort to show your personality and that there are actual people behind the social media profiles, candidates will be able to form a connection with the company and the brand that drives their interest in you as an employer.” Val Matta, Vice President of Business Development, CareerShift

“Pictures on social create visibility in what we (employees) do, and the fun we have—people in general are intrigued by real 'work life' moments.” Angela Bortolussi, Partner, RecruitingSocial

“Be authentic—make it easy for candidates to envision working at your company by using photos of real employees to give a sense of your company’s culture and engage with your followers by posing questions and responding to comments to ensure your audience comes back to your page. With 76 percent of candidates finding culture to be important in their job search, hiring for cultural fit is key to long-term employee engagement. Sharing the core competencies you look for in employees and explaining the development opportunities and room for growth you offer helps candidates picture what it would be like to work there.” Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS

“Through storytelling, I connect the dots between who I am as a person, what Talent Think Innovations stands for; all while ensuring that I provide quality and relatable content that is helpful to onlookers.” Janine N. Truitt, Chief Innovations Officer, Talent Think Innovations, LLC

“You need to transform your managers into talent magnets so they naturally attract top talent that will stick around. This includes encouraging them to use their social networks to help get the word out about how great it is to come to work everyday at your workplace.” Roberta Matuson, "The Talent Maximizer®," Matuson Consulting and Author of Suddenly in Charge, Talent Magnetism and the forthcoming The Magnetic Leader

“Authenticity, humanity and consistency on all social media channels are essential for attracting candidates to our organization—and this approach also assures they won’t be disappointed during the interview process. It’s imperative for an organization to have complete congruence between their corporate brand and their employer brand to attract and retain the quality talent needed in this hyper-competitive job market." Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP, Vice President of Marketing, O.C. Tanner

"We get to reveal some of the true spirit of TSheets on social media—the little moments that make it an award-winning workplace and show that working here is much more than a job description." Erin Simms, Human Resources Director, TSheets

"At Intelligent Conversations we take on a selfless approach to the advantages of talent brand development through social media. Our driver is the ability to unfold an undeniable alignment between our company's value proposition and future team members' personal and professional goals. In our opinion, the key success driver of any organization's employee retention strategy." Jenny Rodriguez-Vargas, Partner, Human Capital Strategist. Intelligent Conversations, LLC

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Updated December 21, 2018