What Happens When You Let Your Employees Be Kids for a Day


Adulthood is hard. We understand that here at Jobs2Careers, so recently we had our first annual J2C Olympic Games. We decided on a Legends of the Hidden Temple theme this year after our event planners spent an entire meeting reminiscing about their favorite childhood game show.

Think “Field Day” from elementary school, but for adults. Relays, cook-out food, trivia, and even a “moat” water game. The event planners watched YouTube videos of the games and tried to make it as close to the real thing as they could.

To begin, we started with our version of the moat: passing water from one bucket to another with a single cup over the heads of each team member. Then the players moved to the temple relay, a true test of a diverse skill set. It started with spinning around ten times, then pushing a teammate down the hall in an office chair. The teams then faced a frozen solid t-shirt they had to beat, pull, and thaw open to put on. After that, they raced to finish out the relay with ring toss, untying knots, and ping-pong toss. The final stage was to put together a puzzle and solve a math problem. The scores for all combined events would dictate which group would emerge victorious.

While we don’t have as many employees as other companies (we’re around 70+!), we don’t all work together much and tend to stick with our own teams for lunch or other after work activities. Our holiday party is about the only time the entire company gets together, but waiting all year for a single party just isn’t enough.

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Updated April 25, 2018