So what does a Client Success Analyst DO, anyway?


“Client Success Analyst” is one of those job titles that doesn’t exactly give insight into the day-to-day work the position entails, and the diverse skillset needed to do the job well. Instead of the title saying what the position does, the title reflects the goal that the Jobs2Careers CSA works to achieve every day: success for our clients, as our clients define it. Whether the strategy is increased applicant flow, or more qualified resumes in niche fields, each client’s needs are different, and the CSA works to optimize each campaign to get the best results for each client.

  1. Ensure ROI

Every client has different needs, but they all gave the same goal: ROI. To ensure that result for each client, the campaign is actively managed and optimized to focus on ROI from day 1. Since Jobs2Careers doesn’t require contracts, the CSA must earn a client’s business month after month. Our CSAs give clients continuity and expertise - something that is not always a focus for all vendors. But wait… there’s more!


CSAs get tough... about optimizing your campaign! CSAs get tough... about optimizing your campaign!


  1. Be the Tech-Savvy Experts

Another critical part of the job is technical expertise. Jobs2Careers is dedicated not just to providing traffic to a client’s jobs, but providing the right kind of traffic to attract the right job seekers. The CSA has the ability to access the complex “back end” of our system to make the necessary optimizations. They find traffic sources that convert at low rates (from click to application) and replaces them with better sources to get boosts in traffic. Each client then gets access to the most suitable network partners in the diverse talent marketplace.  

  1. Grow Strong Relationships

If you ask a CSA what they do, you’ll likely hear “support sales” in the first sentence. After all, the initial sale is only the beginning of a healthy business relationship; client satisfaction helps us keep a client’s business month after month. In addition to technical skills that drive ROI, the CSA must be a knowledgeable and responsive representative for Jobs2Careers by providing easy implementation, guaranteed quick response time, and useful feedback.


Being a CSA takes lots of focus... so having a goofy moment helps. Being a CSA takes lots of focus... so having a goofy moment helps.


  1. Get Results

Over the past year, Jobs2Careers is proud to have produced 10 case studies from very happy clients. In each case, client service was a significant factor in the client’s success:

Jobs2Careers approaches client service differently than other vendors. They have a true value system. We got real, useful feedback about how we could improve our campaign – and the answer wasn’t that we just needed to spend more money.

-Debbie Nagle, Director, Millennium Staffing

Jobs2Careers’ client service team is outstanding. We get valuable feedback on how to optimize our campaign, as well as consistent follow-up. We’ll be working with Jobs2Careers for a long time to come.

- John Hennessy, COO, Whitridge

It’s not easy to find talented people who are great communicators, have the technical know-how, and bring the enthusiasm needed to do exceptional work. But Jobs2Careers has built a fantastic client services team, with backgrounds as diverse as our client base: in computer science, statistics, linguistics, economics, HR, CIS, and finance, among others. But CSAs all work towards the same goal: the success of our customers. 

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Updated June 25, 2020