Building Culture: Hiring Talent that Aligns with Company Values


In her Lead With Strengths podcast this week, Lisa Cummings speaks with Bruce Ge and Neil Davis, who talk about what it’s like to create an amazing culture at your company (and how to get there). 


Bruce Ge (left), the CEO at Jobs2Careers, gives insight into the most important functions of executives. Neil Davis (right), the Director of HR, offers ways to integrate company culture into the hiring process. Unlike their usual audio-only interviews, this one was onsite at our Jobs2Careers headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Lisa sums up her takeaways: "My top five ideas from Bruce were: one, offer leadership training to everyone because it’s a win for everyone; number two, model the behaviors you want to see because you can only be credible as a manager if you’re leading through the accountability and the integrity that you expect from everyone else; number three, the number one role of a leader is finding the right people for the team and developing them; number four, if you make a culture of accountability, you don’t have to create a culture of working 12 hour days, even at a software company; and number five – that’s my favorite one – and that is to never hoard talent, to help everyone grow even if that means some people have to leave the company to live into their highest potential."

Watch the video interviews or listen to the podcast on the Lead With Strengths show page.

Episode Resources

If you go to the J2C homepage for job seekers you’ll see roles in tons of industries, locations, and companies. Check out their careers page to explore their open positions inside of Jobs2Careers in Austin, TX. Keep in mind, even though they’re a software company, their workforce is onsite in Central Texas. Working together in the same location is actually part of their secret-culture-sauce. Finally, if you’re a hiring manager, you might be interested in the J2C For Employers page to check out their unique Pay Per Application model.

Topics: Talent Acquisition

Updated April 24, 2018