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Your careers page is high on the list when it comes to tools for reaching candidates and showcasing your unique company culture. Struggling with developing perfect career pages? Learn from and find inspiration with these 6 brands doing it right.


AT&T turned its careers page into a “talent network,” so prospective candidates can sign up even if the job they want isn’t currently open (they’ll be notified when they qualify for openings). Our favorite? They showcase company culture through employee stories using the #LifeatATT hashtag on social. And if you want to talk to one of their recruiters in real-time? Use the hashtag #AskATTJobs.



The messaging (and design) of the retailer’s career page is colorful and humorous, with a tag line: “Find your Yes.” The site’s design makes it easy to find seasonal or full-time openings, follow the company on social (@KohlsCareers), and see employee stories about working at Kohl’s. And it does take its mission statement seriously: “Our Associates make a difference in the lives of our customers. Let us make a difference in yours.” #LifeatKohls



T-Mobile knows its brand really well and its career page messaging is on brand with a “BE BOLD. THINK BIG. #BEMAGENTA” right in the middle of the page. The drop-down menus make it easy to find the apply process, open positions, and current team profiles. The company offers excellent benefits and showcases this in a section called “We even do benefits differently.”


T-Mobile Military Careers

What’s really unique about T-Mobile? As part of the Joining Forces initiative, T-Mobile has pledged to hire 5,000 military veterans and military spouses by 2020. They take it even further with training programs, family support, and a Military Skills Translator, powered by Military.com, that shows career opportunities at T-Mobile locations nationwide that align with military rank, specialties, experience, and training.


Time Inc.

For a huge media monster (with properties like Coastal Living, Travel + Leisure, Real Simple, and over 100 more), Time Inc.’s career page feels very personal. They feature career opportunities, along with benefits, commitment to diversity, work-life programs, and work stories (highly recommended for job seekers, as most feature some version of “how I got hired”). Follow Time Inc. Careers on Twitter at @TimeIncCareers.


Amy’s Kitchen

For a company with (currently) around 2,000 employees, Amy’s Kitchen’s passion for healthy living and good food shines through on its careers page with a great intro video and a “working at Amy’s Kitchen” section, complete with a hand-drawn business card graphic with “your name here” featured. Keep scrolling and learn about its volunteer programs and unique benefits, including scholarships for children of employees. The company also does a great job of showcasing food and culture on Twitter @AmysKitchen.



Airbnb’s mission statement (“Create a world that inspires human connection”) carries through to its careers page. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and it highlights what makes Airbnb unique for its employees. Two great highlights: The company organizes “Fireside Chats,” which bring in industry leaders to share their experiences and wisdom (not to name drop, but the chats have included the former VP of Marketing at Apple and Will.I.Am). The second, at the bottom of the page: Videos, but not exactly the average “day in the life of.” Under “We Love Our People.” the videos featured include the first guest to stay at an Airbnb rental, one created by its interns, and one on “Our Parents.” Without saying “our employees are like family” or “we love our interns,” they allow the videos to speak for them. All of this before you reach the “Apply Today” button!


How will you take your careers page and employer branding efforts to the next level? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Updated December 21, 2018