7 Productivity Apps to Save You 7 Hours of Work


Americans spend a lot of time working. Though not the hardest working country, the United States does rank in the top 10 with roughly 1,798 average annual hours worked and 80% of American employees working at least 35 hours per week. Some of this work is happening after hours, causing many workers to work an average of seven extra hours per week – nearly an entire work day!

So, what does the American work life look like?

Americans take less vacation, work longer days and retire later, and
1/3 of all American workers could be viewed as chronically overworked in 2004, according to a report by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute in New York City…
64% of employees visit non-work related websites every day at work,
80% of workers say they feel stress on the job, leading to decreased productivity, and
Productivity in the business sector has been increasing by only 3% since 2000.

More work ? More productivity

These 7 free productivity mobile apps will help you better manage your time and stress-level, saving you valuable work hours and leading to a more effective work-life balance.

Mailbox, productivity app
1.Mailbox – Zero out your inbox every single day

No, it’s not impossible! With Mailbox, you can prioritize your inbox by reading important emails now and rescheduling others for when you have some spare time. Plus, the longer you use it, the smarter is gets by starting to automate your common actions.
Available: iOS and Android

Any.Do, Productivity App2.Any.do – To-do lists made easy… and fun

Customizable folders, intuitive features and daily to monthly planning lets you make your to-do list and actually do it… seamlessly. With Any.do, you can set date and location reminders, easily access and assign tasks for all of your phone contacts and share lists with friends or co-workers.
Available: iOS and Android

3.easilydo, Productivity AppEasilyDo – Remember even life’s little tasks

Maybe you have handle on all of your major tasks – weekly meetings, client dinners, book club – but have a hard time remembering the little, everyday tasks. This app does all of these things for you – dials you into conference calls and views attendees’ LinkedIn profiles, checks traffic, alerts you of event times, notifies you of bad weather, tracks packages, schedules and sends birthday greetings, sets reminders for bills, and more, making for 41 automated tasks in total!
Available: iOS and Android

4.Mailtracker, productivity appMailTracker – See who’s reading your emails

“Reinventing the read receipt for mobile emails” means receiving real-time notifications of where, when, what device, how long and how many times your emails were viewed. Then, use the simple call and reply buttons to take fast action on these items without even leaving the app.
Available: iOS

5.LevelMoney, productivity appLevelMoney – Pinching pennies has never been so easy

Money woes? Use Level to automatically track purchases against spendable cash and easily connect everyday decision with long-term goals. Plus, knowing your spending habits can help you learn and reinforce positive habits and even save for retirement!
Available: iOS and Android

6.Pushbullet, Productivity appPushbullet – Never forget an important document at the office again

Easily share files, links, pictures, lists and more between devices and friends/co-workers with Pushbullet. And with their partnership with IFTTT, you can also get alerts for stocks, sports, social, articles, bills and more straight to the notification center of your phone.
Available: iOS, Android, FireFox and Chrome

7.Focus Lock, productivity appFocus Lock – Can’t put your phone down? Focus Lock can help.

Minimize distractions on your phone by selecting the apps you want to lock out and setting a timer for when they will unlock. The default timer (25 minutes workflow) even adds in a 5 minute break for your social networking or gaming fix. Then, earn Kiip Rewards for all of your hardwork!
Available: Android

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Updated April 24, 2018