Best Recruiting & TA Webinars of 2017


Need SHRM recertification credits by the end of the year? Or just want to see some awesome webinars while you wait for the holidays to arrive? Here are our most popular Jobs2Careers webinars of the year, all eligible for SHRM credit. Plus, a few of our picks from our favorite recruiting sites and companies on the web.

Google, Facebook, and Job Ads: 3 Must Do's to Break Through
What does it mean for you when giants like Google and Facebook enter the recruiting space? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why search behavior is changing, and how to optimize your job ads to stand out.

Candidates as Consumers: Nurturing Talent Through the Funnel
In this webinar, you'll learn why marketing is essential to successful recruiting, how best to optimize your efforts, and the best tech tools on the market now to help. 

Volume Recruiting: All You Need to Know to Be Victorious
When recruiters are tasked with filling a high volume of positions, the key to success is having a strategy that delivers quality and quantity. Watch ERE and Jobs2Careers' on-demand webinar to learn how to do it.

From other great companies...

Smashfly: Talent Analytics for Data-Driven Recruiting
Learn the key performance indicators for talent acquisition and recruitment marketing, how to measure at different stages of the funnel, and what questions you should be asking in this panel discussion.

Jobvite: 3 Questions to Ask About your Social Recruiting Strategy
To expand your brand and reach the best candidates, you need a social strategy, not just a social presence. Learn how to attract the right audience on the right channels at the right time in this webinar.

Recruiting Daily: How to Use Recruiting Tools to Fish in the Talent Pool
Uncover the top tools for sourcing success. This webinar shows you that, with the help of technology, you can save a ton of time and still get the specialized candidates you need to make hires.

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Updated January 16, 2020